Exterminate It!

Exterminate It!

A simple malware search and destroy app

Exterminate It! is an app that searches for and removes various types of malware, like trojans, rootkits and worms. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic database update


  • Missing advice about what files you should delete
  • Picks out useful cookies as dangerous

Not bad

Exterminate It! is an app that searches for and removes various types of malware, like trojans, rootkits and worms.

After a brief installation, Exterminate It! will then look for updates to its malware database. This may take a few minutes, and afterwards the app will restart. The next step is to scan your system. There are no options to skip areas of your hard drive, which is good for complrehensive scanning, but also wastes some time.

A scan will take a while, and afterwards all the threatening files will be listen in the Exterminate It! window. You can uncheck any detected files that you don't want to delete, but as is common with this type of program, there is no advice available to the beginner about what is most dangerous.

What Exterminate It! certainly does detect as malware are Tracking Cookies - while there are malicious cookies, many are actually very useful and improve web browsing, so it's a shame Exterminate It! doesn't attempt to differentiate between good and bad.

Exterminate It! is a fairly standard malware scanner and exterminator. While its simplicity makes it easy to use, the lack of advice in the app means you may delete files you don't want to.

User reviews about Exterminate It!

  • Zim5c

    by Zim5c

    "Save your mney buy something else"

    Bought 5 incenses for exterminate-it, followed instructions did scans as instructed hit exterminate -it button... nothin... More.

    reviewed on August 10, 2014

  • Larry10

    by Larry10

    "Better than other programs that I've tried..."

    I've tried it and it seems like a good program, I've also Melwarebytes, Norton and others and they are all useless. So I... More.

    reviewed on November 1, 2012

  • A New York Guy

    by A New York Guy

    "The best anti-spyware - the WORST support"

    I own 2 copies of Exterminate It!. Recently, one of my other computers became infected with "Antivir Solution P... More.

    reviewed on August 6, 2010

  • ukuser

    by ukuser

    "exterminate it nailed pragmad in 15 minutes!"

    This program is excellent, I was working on removing this rootkit for a whole day, Stopzilla found it but couldn't remov... More.

    reviewed on May 19, 2010